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6/19 – World Athletics launches tool for risk management

Outbreak Prevention Taskforce launches online risk assessment tool for endurance event organisers

6/25 – If Virtual Racing is our future, it’s time to change the rules

From Runner’s World – One competitive runner’s quest to stop hating virtual runs by finding events doing things differently.

6/17 – It Doesn’t Look Like the Protests Are Causing a COVID-19 Spike

Event professionals have been watching the protests to see what the effect on these outdoor gatherings would be. Slate talks…

Good News + Things to Do – The Best of Virtual Races Pt 2

A continuation of some of the great virtual races out there by great members of our running community.   Technology is…

Good News + Things to Do – The Best of Virtual Races Pt. 1

By now if you’ve been hiding under a rock (and right now, hey – who can blame you!) you know…

#runthevirus – June 20th

More than a virtual run – a virtual race-day experience with video, live announcing, and interviews! Several other virtual runs…

World Athletics and IIRM form Outbreak Prevention Taskforce for Mass Events

Organizing bodies take the first steps in establishing best practices for races to continue and scale back up during the…

4/13 – Good News + Things to do, Pt. 4

Happy Monday! Here’s your (approximately) weekly round-up of distraction from all things negative, with all things positive in the world…

4/9 – 2nd round of Merch!

To go with our ‘retro styles’ already on sale, we’ve added a new modern style of motivational shirts that are…

4/9 – The Viral ‘Study’ About Runners Spreading Coronavirus Is Not Actually a Study

Critical Analysis of the now viral article.