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#wekeeprunning is a project of Golden, CO - based event company On Path Events.   This page is currently inactive as of early 2021, as the owner of OPE and many contributors and advisors have returned to busy work with events.  It is being kept up for reference.  


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4/13 – Good News + Things to do, Pt. 4

Happy Monday! Here’s your (approximately) weekly round-up of distraction from all things negative, with all things positive in the world…

4/9 – 2nd round of Merch!

To go with our ‘retro styles’ already on sale, we’ve added a new modern style of motivational shirts that are…

4/9 – The Viral ‘Study’ About Runners Spreading Coronavirus Is Not Actually a Study

Critical Analysis of the now viral article.

4/7 – Good News + Things to do Pt. 3 (Video edition)

Just a few motivational videos to distract you during the work week 🙂 From Runner’s World – 13 year old…

4/2 – Good News + Things to Do – Pt. 2 of ?

Part 2 in a possibly recurring series, Good News + Things to Do – In interesting news, this Saturday the…

4/1 – Merch on Sale!

4/1 – no April Fools, starting today you can pre-order your #wekeeprunning merch! All proceeds go to support the industry…

4/1 – Good News + Things to Do – Pt. 1

Some news and resources for the day (no April Fools!)   – In the Bay Area, Run Local Events, producers…

3/19 – Running Has Taught Us Everything We Need to Persevere During Times of Uncertainty

From Runner’s World – my favorite article I’ve seen so far, and one that perfectly represents the philosophy of #wekeeprunning.