4/13 – Good News + Things to do, Pt. 4

Happy Monday! Here’s your (approximately) weekly round-up of distraction from all things negative, with all things positive in the world of running.
1. First off, I have to absolutely give a shout to two Race Director/Announcers  – Tony Hammett of Peak Racing Events  and Lonnie Somers of Hal Sports

This weekend they both set up in their driveways and entertained their neighborhood with music, cheering, announcing, and encouraging signage while people walked/ran by.  Can we see more ‘block party races’?

Check out some pics on Tony’s Page and Lonnie’s.

2. Got kids driving you up the wall right now?   Here’s a few links for you…


If you’re on the east coast (or if you’re not), NYRR is offering a program with fun activities.

In many cities, Healthy Kids Running Series may have a program for you – and there are many purely local organizations to support, like Kids Run This City (Chicago).

Or beyond running, Dave McGillivray’s Dream Big Challenge not only encourages kids to run 26 miles, but read 26 books and do 26 good acts of service.

Lastly, the Hartford Marathon Foundation’s Miles with Miles program gives kids something to do every day with their mascot, Miles!

3. Afraid of getting sick while you run?


By now the infamous “Belgian Study”  has made the rounds on the news, internet, and everywhere else.  This only loosely scientific study has many huge holes – read for yourself these 3 articles (increasing levels of scientific language):  At Vice  , Business Insider, or on this Q+A page of Dr. Jennifer Kasten with a background in infectious disease and epidemiology.   TL;DR viral load is a big missing variable, and the lifespan of the virus outside the body rapidly decreases.  < 6′, closed space – still bad!  > 6′, outdoors.. too many variables and rapidly decreasing.

Speaking of not getting sick, This article from Pain Science  talks about how you can do it without overdoing it and offers a few links of its own.

4.  Looking for your next virtual challenge?  
We’ve launched our calendar of virtual events, with an easy to browse list of the costs, cause, and swag.    My favorite new ones I’ve seen this week?The Run on TP 2020 and the Ultra-Virus 12 Hour Race (I’ll be running this one!).
Runderwear 60 Day Challenge 5. Or if you’re looking for something a little more hands-on…


Check out Runderwear’s 60 Day Challenge for becoming a better runner.
6. Not about running but about staying sane and part of a community 🙂

In case you haven’t been trawling the Good News Network like I have,  here’s a little bit on the science of staying happy through altruism and connection in this hard time.

7.  If you missed it, please fill out this survey from NYC Runs – data open to the industry that will help us get YOU back on the race site as soon as possible. 
8.  Lastly and as always, this effort is funded entirely by your merch purchases. 

Please consider buying a shirt or a few stickers if this helps you, and you have the means! 10% of the sale will go to featured  running-related charities on a rotating basis. 

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