4/2 – Good News + Things to Do – Pt. 2 of ?

Part 2 in a possibly recurring series, Good News + Things to Do –

In interesting news, this Saturday the Backyard Ultra (run 4.167 miles every hour, until you drop!) is being held virtually and the elite field live streamed

Quarantine Backyard Ultra

and a few positive links for the day – not all of them about running or even fitness, but I could use a little cheering today and maybe you could too.

https://www.worldathletics.org/ – World Athletics launches a series of fitness activities of all kinds for adults and kids to do at home.
https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/ – Good News Network exactly what it looks like.
http://keepmoving.eu – initiative I stumbled upon going on over in Europe and similar in spirit.
And if you haven’t read this, you ought to at least skim the pictures…. I’ll let you see for yourself.  It keeps making me smile 🙂


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