Good News + Things to Do – The Best of Virtual Races Pt. 1

By now if you’ve been hiding under a rock (and right now, hey – who can blame you!) you know that virtual races are everywhere you go.   What used to be an afterthought for people who couldn’t attend a race is now the only way to go for most races, and we are quickly seeing our community leaders and innovators do what they do best – find ways to encourage runners to stay fit and positive.  This of course was a founding philosophy of #wekeeprunning, and it’s my greatest pleasure as always to dig up people who are going ‘above and beyond’ with new creative ideas on virtual events, which are here to stay for at least a while.    Check out some of these, and as always you can skim our virtual events calendar to see these and more!

  • Call it my rust belt blood, but I can never get enough of what the Pittsburgh Marathon group P3R does.  Their virtual race and movement #MOVEpittsburgh encourages people across the city to get out, move, and have their own private ‘finish line celebrations’.  The Pittsburgh Marathon date came and went this past weekend, but you would hardly know there wasn’t a race from what they did.
  • Staycation Races by Vacation Races  just happened and the Social Distance Run by Orca Running is closed, but these two early comers to the “new world” of virtual running are still two great examples of awesome writing, a positive attitude, and a good spin on the situation.  I can’t wait to see what comes next! It sounds like Staycation Races is doing the Virtual Backyard Ultras next…
  • I still have to give a shout out to Shazam Racing and Big River Race Management in the middle of the country for their respective efforts to engage local businesses by the Missisippi with virtual challenges that remind and encourage people to SUPPORT LOCAL.  It can be as simple as a coupon book or prizes, or as complicated as actually running to said businesses.
  • My buddy Matt over at Obstacle Racing Media launched the Ultravirus 12-hour run April 18th – on 2 weeks notice to 400 eager runners, full with Zoom “Pit Party”, live results tracking and leaderboard, and a highly emotional start line speech by well-loved announcer Sean Corvelle.  There’s a second edition on May 30th you might want to check out! 
  • Ever since the popular launch by Lazarus Lake of the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee, RunSignup has been evolving virtual tech and popular races have been adopting the ‘map’ tracking idea, including This race in New York, this other race in New York, and upcoming races in California and others.
  • Including: #wekeeprunning’s first challenge in a series celebrating human achievement – The Space Race, launching for the months of June and July!
  • Lastly, we want to shout out again to #runthevirus,  holding a virtual festival on behalf of Grandma’s Marathon and other virtual races, on June 20th.  Choose from several distances and several causes and join the party!
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  • Round 2 coming soon with more upcoming events!