Good News + Things to Do – The Best of Virtual Races Pt 2

A continuation of some of the great virtual races out there by great members of our running community.   Technology is evolving quickly, and with it runners’ expectations.  We hope we’re over the hump, but what remains certain is that races are still slow to come back for at least a couple more months, and many people are seeking out that feeling of community that comes with race day.   We continue to see a rise in community-focused events, digital experiences, and new using Runsignup’s virtual distance tools – the state challenges with map-based tracking.

  • First we look to the north, where the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon has gone virtual from May 31st until September 27th, rivaling our friends in Pittsburgh for their attention to supporting their local running community.  From ultra relay down to kids race (and challenges in between), they’ll have something for everyone with charity causes and fundraising.
  • On the lighter side if you’re like me and running just makes you crave a cold beer, there’s a few options for you here, and here, and here..   and here. 
  • We can’t stop mentioning that on June 20th the folks up in Duluth that put on the Ruck the Virus for military veterans are giving us #runthevirus,  a community virtual run helping out Grandma’s Marathon as well as a handful of others with a live, all-day virtual experience in your ear.
  • My friends over at Big River Race Management have teamed up to support St. Louis with the Gateway Resilience Run + Ride, which goes above and beyond in supporting local businesses along the river.
  • In case you missed it, both Savage Race + Bonefrog are still putting on cross-functional challenges, ongoing for you – if you’re looking for something outside of your normal run.
  • Last and certainly not least (for now) – the state challenges continue for my midwesterners!  My good friend Joel up in my forever home state of Michigan is putting on the Mitten Run  ;  fellow good guy Brandon Hough of the Advanced Running Project of Ohio is not to be outshone with the beautiful artwork and theme for his Buckeye Challenge run, across the border to the south.   And a shout out to round 2 of Race Day Event’s The Great 608.
  • Lastly, we are still preparing the launch of our second virtual event through my own adopted state – the Run Through Colorado.   This one will be a little bit more, shall we say… ‘interactive’…