4/1 – Good News + Things to Do – Pt. 1

Some news and resources for the day (no April Fools!)


– In the Bay Area, Run Local Events, producers of the postponed April Silicon Valley Half , have kept close to the community! They’re launching a podcast, virtual Workout Wednesdays, and some other virtual toys for their runners. PLUS their sponsor is still giving to the SV Education Foundation.

– For those upset about Grandma’s cancelling and need some more motivation in the coming months, the MN Run Series is offering a great virtual run “Minne-Series” – these guys put on some solid events year round and they’re continuing the work with recommended courses, local training tips, and a medal w/ a donation to the local food bank. And if you didn’t catch it – please head over to the Grandma’s Marathon –  website and read their explanation of why they cancelled – it’s an example to the industry on how hard it is to cancel a race. I truly wish them and the city of Duluth the best coming into this summer.

– And for the more race-nerdy amongst us, thanks to Endurance Sportswire (source of many great news pieces on racing) for posting this article from Podium, talking about the busy September race calendar – a topic we will start discussing more and more with its effects on racing.

If you’ve made it this far, please consider sharing what we’re doing with your friends and family, perhaps buy a sticker or shirt: All proceeds go to support the industry and through April 15th, 10% of all sales and at least 50% of additional donations go to Girls on the Run, Shoes that Fit, and/or COVID-19 related causes.