Dear Runners, we have a resource page for you - but we recommend you take a look at some of the articles below to understand what goes into a race and why this is such a difficult time for RD's.

This site also hosts many more virtual event examples, software platforms, and virtual resources on the more public Resources pages.

Articles / Blog Posts and good communications examples:
(You can also browse the "For Runners" section for a lot of examples)

10/20 – Launch of California Coalition of Endurance Sports

6/19 – World Athletics launches tool for risk management

Outbreak Prevention Taskforce launches online risk assessment tool for endurance event organisers

6/17 – It Doesn’t Look Like the Protests Are Causing a COVID-19 Spike

Event professionals have been watching the protests to see what the effect on these outdoor gatherings would be. Slate talks…

World Triathlon COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for Event Organizers

The Early Call Time Podcast

The podcast where we discuss issues and news in the road race industry and get to know some of the…

#runthevirus – June 20th

More than a virtual run – a virtual race-day experience with video, live announcing, and interviews! Several other virtual runs…

4/24 – When Might Racing Return, and What Will It Look Like?

From Runner’s World – tagline “Small events could be held this summer, but normalcy is likely a long way away.”

World Athletics and IIRM form Outbreak Prevention Taskforce for Mass Events

Organizing bodies take the first steps in establishing best practices for races to continue and scale back up during the…

4/16 (Updating) – CNN Article “Where all 50 States Stand on Reopening”

“The Aid Station” Podcast from Mass Participation World

Chris Robb, one of the leading figures in the worldwide mass participant event industry, hosts this podcast to interview various…