Dear Runners, we have a resource page for you - but we recommend you take a look at some of the articles below to understand what goes into a race and why this is such a difficult time for RD's.

This site also hosts many more virtual event examples, software platforms, and virtual resources on the more public Resources pages.

Articles / Blog Posts and good communications examples:
(You can also browse the "For Runners" section for a lot of examples)

4/13 – Rich Harshbarger: The Challenges Ahead for Running and Mass Participation Events

SportsTravel Podcast – While the entire sports-event industry has attempted to navigate the recent weeks of the coronavirus pandemic and…

4/9 – The Viral ‘Study’ About Runners Spreading Coronavirus Is Not Actually a Study

Critical Analysis of the now viral article.

4/4 – The Rise of Virtual Races (NYT)

From Jen Miller, includes examples of various series and the evolution of virtual run trends.

4/2 – Exercise is up 88% During COVID – 19

Stats from RunRepeat, a 12,913 Person Study

3/31 – BibRave and 50 Launch Partners Unveil “Release the Runner” Movement

Collective initiative will leverage existing runner networks to recruit and support NEW runners to the sport

3/31 – Running USA infographic on Virtual Runs

From a study done pre-Coronavirus, interesting trends and stats on why runners choose virtual.

3/31 – Grandma’s Marathon – Cancellation FAQ

3 great pages of explanation on what goes into cancelling a race, from one of the largest races in the…

3/29 – Koopcast – A Race Director’s point of view during COVID-19

Featuring Jamil Coury, Aravaipa Racing

3/28 – Behind the Starline: The challenges of race directing in the age of COVID-19

From the Shakeout Podcast, with Calgary’s Kirsten Fleming, Canada Running Series’ Alan Brookes, and Nancy Holland of Run Nova Scotia

Buffalo Marathon Cancellation Notice

Another great one from a good size event, sincere and heartfelt to the community.