Resources for Runners

Runners - Check out the articles below, or our page for RDs to learn more about the state of what's going on and the difficulties of cancelling a race.  You can also see our cancelled/postponed race list for info about who's doing what.

We also have lists of Virtual Runs, Software/Platforms for fitness tracking, and many other resources.

9/30 – The Results of This Viral Mask Study Found Gaiters Weren’t Effective—But Is That True?

When Duke Medical released a study in August, I (and others) spoke directly with Duke Health to try and clear…

10/20 – Launch of California Coalition of Endurance Sports

10/19 – Top Race Announcer Fitz Koehler’s New Book!

If you’ve crossed a major race finish line the past several years, there’s a good chance that you’ve been pumped…

6/24 – Why Can’t the New York Marathon Happen?

From Slate, insight into the logistics of the NYC Marathon

6/25 – If Virtual Racing is our future, it’s time to change the rules

From Runner’s World – One competitive runner’s quest to stop hating virtual runs by finding events doing things differently.

6/17 – It Doesn’t Look Like the Protests Are Causing a COVID-19 Spike

Event professionals have been watching the protests to see what the effect on these outdoor gatherings would be. Slate talks…

Good News + Things to Do – The Best of Virtual Races Pt 2

A continuation of some of the great virtual races out there by great members of our running community.   Technology is…

Good News + Things to Do – The Best of Virtual Races Pt. 1

By now if you’ve been hiding under a rock (and right now, hey – who can blame you!) you know…

4/29 – ‘Please, go outside’: COVID-19 much less likely to spread outdoors, Dr. Bonnie Henry says

From the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia

4/27 – Virtual Challenge Madness (And how to use it to your advantage)

Endurance Nation deals with the influx of virtual events, how to pick the best out of the mess, and train…