Resources for Runners

Runners - Check out the articles below, or our page for RDs to learn more about the state of what's going on and the difficulties of cancelling a race.  You can also see our cancelled/postponed race list for info about who's doing what.

We also have lists of Virtual Runs, Software/Platforms for fitness tracking, and many other resources.

#runthevirus – June 20th

More than a virtual run – a virtual race-day experience with video, live announcing, and interviews! Several other virtual runs…

4/24 – When Might Racing Return, and What Will It Look Like?

From Runner’s World – tagline “Small events could be held this summer, but normalcy is likely a long way away.”

4/14 – “Are Running or Cycling Actually Risks for Spreading Covid 19?”

From Wired, yet another article critiquing the now infamous “Belgian Study”

4/13 – Good News + Things to do, Pt. 4

Happy Monday! Here’s your (approximately) weekly round-up of distraction from all things negative, with all things positive in the world…

4/9 – When will you be comfortable participating in a running event again?

Please fill out this survey, from NYC Runs – it will help the industry plan and support you better.

4/9 – 2nd round of Merch!

To go with our ‘retro styles’ already on sale, we’ve added a new modern style of motivational shirts that are…

4/9 – The Viral ‘Study’ About Runners Spreading Coronavirus Is Not Actually a Study

Critical Analysis of the now viral article.

4/7 – Good News + Things to do Pt. 3 (Video edition)

Just a few motivational videos to distract you during the work week 🙂 From Runner’s World – 13 year old…

4/7 – Resist infection with Moderate Exercise (but know when to quit)

Article with several other links to information on the role of exercise in fighting off infectious disease.

4/4 – The Rise of Virtual Races (NYT)

From Jen Miller, includes examples of various series and the evolution of virtual run trends.