Resources for Runners

Runners - Check out the articles below, or our page for RDs to learn more about the state of what's going on and the difficulties of cancelling a race.  You can also see our cancelled/postponed race list for info about who's doing what.

We also have lists of Virtual Runs, Software/Platforms for fitness tracking, and many other resources.

4/4 – How to Run Safely Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Guide from Runner’s World

4/3 – Trail Etiquette with Social Distancing

From the Missoulian (Montana), on social distancing etiquette with a trail focus.

4/2 – Good News + Things to Do – Pt. 2 of ?

Part 2 in a possibly recurring series, Good News + Things to Do – In interesting news, this Saturday the…

4/1 – Merch on Sale!

4/1 – no April Fools, starting today you can pre-order your #wekeeprunning merch! All proceeds go to support the industry…

4/1 – Good News + Things to Do – Pt. 1

Some news and resources for the day (no April Fools!)   – In the Bay Area, Run Local Events, producers…

4/1 – Coronavirus: How I Learned to Cope and Why I Love the OCR Community

Ricky at Obstacle Racing Media talks about life and how the OCR community is getting by.

3/31 – (Updated regularly) – New York Times – Race Cancellations + Postponements

From Jen Miller, NYT Running

3/31 – Grandma’s Marathon – Cancellation FAQ

3 great pages of explanation on what goes into cancelling a race, from one of the largest races in the…

3/29 – Koopcast – A Race Director’s point of view during COVID-19

Featuring Jamil Coury, Aravaipa Racing

3/23 – Running – More than Just a Hobby! From David Martin Jewell